Start selling online, like a pro!

If you are ready to use the web to make money, we can help you! We can help you increase the probability of success and minimize the risk associated with your commercial web site.

  1. Consulting and Guidance. We can:
    • Research relevant information related to your business idea.
    • Identify existing solutions suitable for your project
    • Contribute valuable information based on our previous experiences that you may have overlooked, when creating your business plan or selecting your business model.
    • Establish clear requirements and milestones to make your investment more manageable
    • Avoid preventable delays and dead-ends
  2. Getting Started. We can:
    • Get your idea to the market by designing a Minimum Viable Product strategy (MVP)
    • Develop your business web site
    • Design and deploying your online marketing strategy and campaigns
    • Add the right shopping cart solution for your needs, from among hundreds of confusing alternatives
    • Select the most appropriate and cost-effective Internet Payment Gateway, so you can accept credit cards online, in the simplest, and fastest way possible
  3. Growth. We can:
    • Provide the on-going maintenance and support you need
    • Provide valuable statistical data to help you optimize your business model
    • Create custom software solutions as your business matures, and complexity increases to a point where nothing out there actually fits your particular business needs

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