12v UPS Module


12V UPS Module

12V UPS Module

This device will make your camera system more flexible, robust, and cut your installation time in half, saving you time and money! Get it now! Presenting the R1-SS1512V4A, a solid state multi-purpose 12V uninterruptible power supply, designed to be perfect as a battery backup for wireless or wired security cameras, DVR/NVR’s, wireless routers, Wi-Fi Acces Points, and Wi-Fi Repeaters! Your power vulnerabilities, Wi-Fi instability, bandwidth, and signal strength concerns are a thing of the past! Picture this:

  • Over 5 hours of backup power for:
    • Cameras
    • DVR/NVR
    • Wireless Access Points
    • Wireless Repeaters
  • Strong signal and excellent coverage all around your home or business!
  • Less or no cables!
  • Being able to re-locate your cameras or DVR/NVR with ease!

mystery-man“With the 12v UPS I can finally use the latest HD Wireless Security Cameras I had been avoiding in the past, it solves all my previous concerns, and installation was way faster than drilling all my walls!” – Quote from valued customer



Take advantage of this limited-time introductory offer! This device is not available in stores! Pre-Order your unit now!

The story:

Easy-hard by Stuart Miles from freedigitalphotos.net

Easy-hard by Stuart Miles from freedigitalphotos.net

We concluded that installing a traditional camera system in our concrete home was too much work! Because:

  • We had to drill the walls for the cabling all the way to the DVR/NVR system.
  • We had to hide the cables
  • We had no flexibility to move the cameras
  • We had no flexibility to move the the DRV/NVR
  • In case of power failure the system had only 30 minutes of backup power

There had to be a better way! And also…

  • We wanted our surveillance system to be wireless, or with as little wiring as possible
  • We wanted the system to be flexible, so we could move cameras, and DRV/NVR more easily!
  • We wanted our system to have hours, not minutes of backup power during extended power failures
  • We wanted a more secure and robust system

If you want more from your camera system, our 12v UPS is for you!



  • Completely automatic! – uninterrupted operation, camera will experience always-on power. Unit recharges and maintains battery charge when power is restored.
always on

Automatic Always-On Operation

  • Over 5 hours* of backup power, keeps your camera working through power outages.
  • Indoor/Outdoor – will work outdoors when protected by adequate junction box.
  • Easy installation – just provide 100-240VAC electrical power, attach your wireless camera (bullet, dome, or POV) on the junction box cover, and you are all set!
  • Compact – typical set-up fits inside a 6″ square junction box!
  • No more Siamese cables! – go wireless and forget about those bulky (and ugly!) Siamese cables.
Say NO to Siamese cables!!

Say NO to Siamese cables!!

  • Outsmart thieves that may cut electrical power to disable your surveillance system.

    Artistic representation of smart burglar getting away

    Artistic representation of smart burglar getting away

  • Low power consumption < 60W
  • Solid State design – high quality, no moving parts, for reliable operation.
  • 90 day Limited Warranty
  • Solar powered version available! – Model: R1-SS1812V40WSP for off-grid independence.

* Tested over 5 hours of backup power when using a fully charged 5AH SLA battery, and a typical camera with 9W power consumption (12VDC 750mA). [ View Detailed Product Specifications ]

pre-order-now-button1Buy only R1-SS1512V4A UPS unit (2.1mm power plug connector included)


Buy the Bundle Kit, 1 x R1-SS1512V4A unit (2.1mm power plug connector included), 1 x 6″ square junction box, and 1 x SLA battery


  • No cameras included. Cameras are shown as example of suitable application only. You can use the device for other devices such as wireless access points or repeaters.
  • Yes! I truly hate Siamese cables! Sorry Thailand, nothing personal.
  • In case you are wondering, cameras shown in pictures are the Anran VGB10-WIFI H.264 2.0MP 1080p Varifocal 4-9mm (Bullet), and the Anran AR-VD221-WIFI H.264 2MP 1080p 4mm (Dome)
  • You may need the connector from your camera’s original power supply to connect it to the unit, if different from the standard 2.1mm plug connector included.
  • The junction box in the kit has one small hole for the green power LED. It is otherwise intact.
  • You can mount the camera on the junction box, or not, it’s your choice.
No power? No problem.

No power? No problem.

Looking for a solar powered version?

Ask for our R1-SS1812V40WSP model, a modified version that allows off-grid operation using a 40W solar panel and additional voltage regulator. Open a ticket for more information, or to check availability before placing an order.