About Us

The soul is in the software

R1 Software LLC  was founded by Leamsi Fontánez to work on innovative software business ideas, and startups.

See Mr. Fontánez  LinkedIn profile for more detailed info

For a lighter side you can read his blog at leamsifontanez.com


At R1 Software we work hard, strategically and tactically, to provide intellectual and technically sound software solutions of the highest quality.


We’re looking for partners, not just clients. Our clients are not searching just for developers, or a cheap workaround, they want the best solutions to overcome challenges, and achieve their business goals. We strive to help businesses adapt, grow, and lead in their respective industries.

Our Core Values:

  • Merit is king
  • Good communication
  • Mutually beneficial agreements
  • Principle-based decision-making
  • Calculated risks
  • Passive Income Generation
  • Always add value

Our Principles

  • Value-based pricing, not time-based pricing
  • Scientific Method for Problem Solving
  • Adopt frameworks, with flexibility
  • First a Minimum Viable Product MVP, then Processes, then Systems
  • Integrate and automate only after validation
  • “If you win, win a lot, if you lose, lose a little”
  • Open Source is free as in freedom, not beer. Software may be free, but a human’s time and knowledge are not.
  • Wait for your turn, or negotiate and buy a Service Level Agreement SLA.
  • You pay for your mistakes, we pay for ours.
  • We’re in business for profit, and fun.
  • We help “startups” that want our help.
  • We reserve the right to terminate relationships that we identify as harmful, evil, or just bad karma.


R1 Software has a wonderful human network of amazing friends in Puerto Rico and around the World, that support and collaborate on our projects.

  • Ramón Núñez (collaborator)
  • Felipe Cabrera (collaborator)
  • Random interns that want to learn something new (you know who you are)
  • Occasional independent contractors from Puerto Rico, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, India, Colombia, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Bangladesh, etc.
  • and other discrete benefactors, partners, and mentors who prefer to remain anonymous

Thanks guys!


Visit the Contact Us page. Emergency? Use our Callback Service or open a ticket.

Postal Address:

R1 Software LLC Reparto Montellano C13 Calle A Cayey, PR 00736-4103